Recently, Ms. Boone and several of the Jr.-Sr. High School band members attended the regional Solo and Ensemble contest organized by the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA).  Once again, our Eels did not disappoint.  The students performed admirably and many of them earned Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.  Congratulations Ms. Boone and all of the participants!  #EELPride

ISSMA Solo and Ensemble is an annual event held across the state. Students prepare either a solo or a group of 3 or more students can prepare an ensemble. Both are judge based on instruments; therefore students can receive feedback from professionals in their instrument/instrumental groups. The rubric grades them based on 9 categories including intonation (how the instrument sounds), Articulation/Tonguing/Bowing, Note Accuracy, Rhythmic Accuracy, Interpretation, Dynamics, Musicianship, and other factors (i.e. posture, attire, etc.). Students enter in Group V- I; Group V being the easiest and Group I being the hardest. The rubric then places them in either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Participation ratings. Gold Ratings in Group I have the option to continue on to State Solo and Ensemble where students are required to memorize their solo/ensemble piece.

Students who earned awards includes:

Skylar Smile:  Gold and will be moving on to State

Luke Jobes: Gold

Baileigh Hamilton: Gold

Rosalie Lewis: Gold

Steven Lester: Gold

Dylan Lester: Silver

Morgan Jackson: Silver

Ben Edwards: Bronze

Cody Duclos: Bronze

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