Eminence Community Schools will be notifying parents of school closings, delays, early dismissals, and other pertinent information through the School Messenger notification system. The following procedures will be used:

1. If the decision is made early in the morning, the School Messenger notification system will be used. You must have a current phone number on file.

2. If the decision is made after buses have delivered students to school, the School Messenger notification system will be utilized after all bus drivers have been contacted. Parents should make advance arrangements for their children in case parents are away from home and school has to be closed.

3. If extra-curricular activities are cancelled, the School Messenger notification system may be used or coaches may notify their respective players/parents.

4. If school goes on a 2-Hour Delay on the morning of a Late Arrival Wednesday (LAW), the LAW will be cancelled, and school we begin at 10:05 AM (regular 2-Hour delay schedule).


Eminence Schools are not responsible when stations do not air the school closing or give incorrect information concerning a school closing.

RADIO STATIONS                                                            TELEVISION STATIONS

Martinsville WCBK FM 102.0                                         Indianapolis FOX Channel 59

Indianapolis WRTV Channel 6

Indianapolis WISH Channel 8

Indianapolis WTHR Channel 13

Indianapolis WXIN TV 59

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