Once again, our students did a great job researching and presenting their projects.  We are very proud of our future scientists!


8th Grade — Hannah Musgrave and Emily Maze

7th Grade — Honorable Mention Caitlin Schicker and Jordan Hunnicutt
                  2nd Place Jonah Klopfenstein and Tyler Kemp
                  1st Place Haley Gregory and Avery Stockwell
6th Grade — Honorable Mention Daniel Andis and Dakota Keeney
                  2nd Place Rosie Sheridan and Grace Kemp
                  1st Place Caleb Klopfenstein and Evan Keeton
5th Grade — Honorable Mention AJ Fritsch
                  2nd Place Harley Peck
                  1st Place Danica Myers
4th Grade — Honorable Mention Justice Stockwell
                  2nd Place Seth Mobley
                  1st Place Sophia Saucerman
3rd Grade — Honorable Mention Isabelle Camara-Adorno
                  2nd Place Taylor Cazzell
                  1st Place Dustin Peck


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