Hands-On Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics

By Dustin Adams

Eminence Elementary School, in support of their newly adopted mission to “engage students in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication every day to prepare them for college and careers, has begun a STEAM program. STEAM stands for: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AGRICULTURE, and MATH. This approach encourages students to experience hands-on learning, answer open-ended questions, and learn from their mistakes.

As part of this initiative, Eminence Elementary has added books to the library that encourage STEAM attitudes and mindsets, added a STEAM rotation for all students kindergarten – sixth grade, sent teachers and administrators to conferences and training, and stocked a STEAM lab with i Pads, building materials, robotics kits, electronic components, and much more. Students will be trained to write about their learning in STEAM journals as well.

The goal of the initiative is to provide world-class educational opportunities for all our students. We anticipate increased excitement, joy, and pride as students become more confident working in these subjects. We envision that some of these girls and boys will be inspired to pursue careers in STEAM fields.

For more information about this initiative, please contact:

Name: Kris Feutz

Phone: 765-528-2222

E-mail: kfeutz@eminence.k12.in.us


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