When the Eminence community supported our delaying the start of school 30 minutes each Wednesday, it gave us the most incredible resource – time. More specifically, time for all of our teachers to learn together, reflect on practices together, plan together, analyze data together, and GROW TOGETHER! The time during the day when we have students is the most important time – and our favorite time – but in order for us to provide our students the very best learning experiences, we utilize Late Arrival Wednesdays to improve our work.

This week, we started new School Improvement Plans (one for elementary, and one for jr.-sr. high.) At each level, three teacher leaders were trained on guiding a group that would analyze past data, determine our needs, and create action steps for improving in those areas. Teachers then placed themselves in those groups to craft these plans that will guide our work, and the teachers will have ownership of the plans because they worked to create them.

These plans will be available for parent, student, and community review before they are submitted to the state by the October 12 deadline.

Future Late Arrival Wednesday topics teachers will tackle include School Safety procedures, Socratic Seminars, Suicide Prevention, Active Classroom Engagement, Rigorous Instruction and Assessment, Meta-thinking, Preventing Bullying, Using Data, Differentiation, State Testing Security, and much Much MORE!

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