Through our Professor-on-Loan program with Ivy Tech, we are excited to add Professor David Lantz to the Eminence team! Students in our Senior Academy will take POLS 101 on Monday mornings for high school government credit, as well as 3 hours of college credit. His class, along with the others we are offering through the Senior Academy, will allow our students to graduate with 12 college credit hours (the equivalent of a full college semester)!

About David Lantz

David Lantz is an Adjunct Professor of Economics, Political Science, and Statistics for Indiana Wesleyan University, Ivy Tech Community College, and the University of Phoenix and.  He was named the 2005 Faculty of the Year by the first graduating class of the Indianapolis Campus of the University of Phoenix. He has worked for such organizations as the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute and as a Budget Analyst for the Indiana Legislature.  He prepared a socio-economic analysis of Central Indiana for the personal use of Dr. Billy Graham for his 1999 Indianapolis Crusade. During the early 1990s, Mr. Lantz served as the State Director of the Indiana Christian Coalition. From 1995 to 2004, he worked in the telecommunications industry in sales management for both high speed data products and business phone systems.

Mr. Lantz is the author of two nonfiction books, The Unraveling of We the People and Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses: Leadership Lessons from the Wilderness Crucible.  Additionally, he has written two Christian historical novels, The Brotherhood of the Scroll and The Sword of the Scroll.  He has also created a series of courses related to entrepreneurship, teaching online, and Christian ministry.  Mr. Lantz also leads workshops in these and related subject areas.

Mr. Lantz holds a B.A. degree in Economics, History and Political Science from Butler University (1979).  He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University (1981). He is married to his wife of 39 years, Sally.  They have three children, as well as four grandchildren.


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