The beginning and end of every school year brings new changes.  In the case of Eminence Community School’s Security Resource Officer (SRO), Eminence bid a fond farewell to SRO Dwayne Gilbert at the end of school last year.  This summer, Eminence had the joy of welcoming career police officer and Reserve Deputy Gary Wagner for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mr. Wagner began his career as a police officer in the Air Force from 1981 to 1985 when he came off active duty.  Beginning in 1986, he joined the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office where he spent nineteen months before moving to the Martinsville City Police where he spent thirty years and six months before retiring on June 1st, 2018.

When asked about what Mr. Wagner looks forward to most about coming to Eminence Community Schools, he expressed that he was excited about “being back on the job and getting to know the kids, the faculty, and the administration.”  

When not working, Mr. Wagner enjoys retirement and tournament fishing.  “Retirement is everything it’s said to be…and I’ve been fishing,” he mentioned.  This summer, Mr. Wagner traveled down to Lake Fork, Texas to compete in the 26th Annual Skeeter Owners Tournament, during which he competed against his son.   

The faculty and staff are excited to welcome Mr. Wagner to Eminence Community Schools.  He will work alongside Officer Brian Goss to continue the security and safety of all students, staff, and administration at Eminence. 

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