Whew! We completed our first E-learning day! We are using the feedback we received to support what went well, and solve the snags that cropped up. All in all, I think the hard work of our teachers and students made this a wildly successful first try! Here are a few things I’ve heard that really made my week:

  • We had students too excited to get started with E-learning to wait until Monday morning, and had started beforehand.
  • We heard from parents that they were surprised to see how well their children could find what they needed online and through Google Classroom – especially younger students.
  • Teachers said their students have turned in some really good work.
  • Mr. Burelison has been through E-learning roll out at another school, and he said we did much better than that school had. 


Please keep in mind that one of the ways we address that some families don’t have technology at home is giving students 4 days to turn in the work from the E-learning day. Students can turn in work until Friday and still be a full success at E-learning.


I’m excited that we now have E-learning as an option when there is bad weather. Generally, you’ll find out about E-learning days early in the morning through an all call – like when we cancel school for weather.  That is our next challenge – having an E-learning day that wasn’t anticipated. I believe we will be successful in that case as well!




Dustin Adams and the Eminence Staff

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