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Information about the Recycling Drop-Off



Please do not place recyclable materials in plastic bags into bins! ALL BAGS MUST BE EMPTIED! The vendors have informed us that because of their mechanized sorting facilities, they don’t have time to empty bags.  As a result, any items in plastic bags will be set aside and sent to a landfill!
Please flatten boxes.

Items Accepted:

  • Plastics # 1 thru # 7 (except Styrofoam (#6) and plastic bags).

  • Aluminum and Steel cans.

  • Glass: clear, green and brown food/beverage containers.

  • Newspapers, magazines, office paper and FLATTENED CARDBOARD.

  • Clean milk, soup, juice, broth or wine cartons.

The vendors that maintain our six Morgan County Recycling Sites have converted to “Single Stream Recycling.”  That means that all the items for recycling may go into the same bin—there is no sorting at this stage.

Thank you!

Items NOT Accepted:

  • Rubbish/trash, plastic bags, Styrofoam products, light bulbs, drinking glasses, window panes, mirrors, ceramics, motor oil containers or antifreeze containers.

Items should not be contaminated by food or residue of any kind.

Anyone caught placing trash in the bins or leaving items on ground near bins could be subject to fines (up to $500.00) or prosecution!

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