Hello Eminence Family,

My name is Brian Burelison and I am the proud principal of the Jr/Sr High School. I believe that although small, we are mighty. We have many ambitious but attainable goals. At Eminence, we believe that we are the Disney World of schools. We want the school setting to be so amazing that our students do not want to leave. I believe that together if students, staff, administration, and community members work together, we can achieve this goal as well as our other goals.

We believe in the motto, “Always Compete, Never Quit, and Have Fun” and promote it to our students daily! We are a “Yes” school, a big-dreaming school, and above all else, we are a Fins Up, Fins Forward school. No matter what, we always stay positive and keep striving for our goals. It is for these reasons that we are known as the best small school in the state. Being small, we are truly a family and call ourselves, “A Family of Learning”. Know that your Jr/Sr High School staff will do whatever it takes to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met!

Students and staff are being pushed hard. Expectations are high and mediocrity and status quo are not accepted. We strive for excellence in all we do. We will fail but will grow and learn from these trials. We dream big and achieve great things. Our goal intrinsically is to create an environment where our students exceed their own expectations, strive to achieve their personal goals, and be career and college-ready. Our goals extrinsically are to be locally, state-wide, and nationally recognized. We will receive numerous awards, compete against larger Morgan County schools, and become a 4-Star and an A-rated Indiana school.

I am excited to lead this journey with the Eminence Community. I am honored to be the leader of the “World Famous” Eminence Jr/Sr High School and being a part of the storied Eminence Jr/Sr High School history. I know that we will continue to accomplish great things and I look forward to leading Eminence in a positive and impactful direction.


Brian Burelison, Principal
Eminence Jr/Sr High School

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