Mr. Casey will be joining the Eminence team this year as we expand our 4/5 grade team! Below you will find his bio:

My name is Mr. Casey and I am one of the new teachers on staff this year. I am incredibly excited (and more than a little nervous) to begin my first full time teaching position with your students. I am have taken a somewhat non-traditional path into this field: I was a college pastor for several years before leaving the ministry and moving to Indiana with my family of five, where my wife completed her studies to become a school social worker (she now works in an elementary school near our home in Bloomington).
My educational philosophy can be summed up simply as student autonomy. I am deeply committed to helping students find their voice and develop their own interests and skills so they can become lifelong learners long after they’ve left the classroom. I do not believe I am here to spoon feed information or “teach to the test,” but to be a guide, walking with your students a short way down the path to becoming wise humans marked by responsibility, critical-thinking, and self-confidence.
Although my route into education has taken a winding route, I have always been a teacher at heart and love working with children, so I look forward to growing into this new form of my lifelong passion. I take the responsibility of working with your students and helping them grow into the next generation of citizens very seriously—but not so seriously that we won’t have tons of fun in the process!
Thank you and I look forward to meeting each of you and your students in person.
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