Damaged Devices & Service

We understand accidents happen and damages will occur. The One2One Risk Solutions registration and Damage Waiver have provided the community with an affordable option to ensure these damages can be repaired at an extremely reduced price. This waiver does, however, only cover damages caused by accident and not intentional damages. Intentional damages will be charged in full to a student’s account.

It is incredibly important that all fixes and repairs go through the Eminence Technology Team as per the Policies & Procedure documentation you signed. If a device is identified as having been repaired by an outside vendor, you may be held responsible for restoring the device to original specifications up to the cost of the device ($—).

What to do if you notice damage or loss of functionality:

  1. Student should bring the device to the Technology Office as soon as possible to be assessed by the tech team and complete a Student Device – Fix Repair Form. Many repairs can happen within minutes and no claim needed; however this is only possible if the device comes in as soon as the damage happens. If a student waits, the chances that the repair is more extensive rises.
  2. If a quick repair can happen, the student will wait for their device while the repair takes place (2-3 minutes) and then return to class.
  3. If a quick repair cannot happen, the student will be referred to the K-12 Office to speak with an administrator about how the damage occurred and assess if disciplinary action needs to be taken. Administration will inform parents of the situation and send notification that a One2One Claim needs to be submitted
    1. The device cannot begin to be worked on or repaired until a claim has been submitted.
  4. The student will be provided a loaner device to use in the interim.



Please review the policies and procedures for loaner devices. If damage occurs to a loaner device while in your student’s possession, you are responsible for claims and repairs on that device as well. If a pattern of damages begin to emerge for a student, alternative options to the school issued device will be considered.