Our Vision…

No longer are we satisfied with students being passive learners in our school. We want students to create, collaborate, communicate and critically think.…

From reading to building robots and everywhere in between, we’re transforming the learning environment for our students. We don’t want students just answering questions formed by their teachers. We want students asking and seeking answers to their own questions.

  • From memorizing-critically thinking
  • From critically thinking-building solutions
  • From working in isolation-collaboration

In the last two years, we have developed a plan and built momentum. We plan to continue to build capacity for student access to digital tools.

Our progress…

I am excited to announce Eminence has been awarded a $75,000 Digital Learning Grant from the Indiana Department of Education. We will use it to support our innovative learning plan, which includes providing all students (grades 6-12) use of a personal Lenovo: Thinkpad 11e Chromebook for school during the 2017-18 school year.  Additionally, we will be taking steps to provide robotics and coding experiences to students at all grade levels. We should all be proud as this is a highly competitive grant.

Specifically, IDOE said, “Your district presented a proposal that evidences strong leadership, a focused vision for digital learning, a sound plan for implementation, and the support, resources, and capacity to make it happen. As a Digital Learning Grant awardee, your district will provide a model for others around the state in regard to digital age teaching and learning.”

In October of 2016, we completed a complete upgrade of our current wireless network infrastructure. Aruba access points and HP switches were installed in each Jr.-Sr. High School classroom as well as throughout the rest of our facilities. The updated wireless network provides the needed capacity for the next steps of our digital learning initiative. The district has committed to upgrading the wireless network in the Elementary School and plans to install access points to the exterior of our buildings in the Summer of 2017 to provide community access to our network during non-school hours. Our focus during the Spring semester is to continue conduct site visits review policy, provide professional development, as well as engage and support parents and the community during our transition to 1:1. Currently, teachers and students have access to more devices than ever before. We have strengthened our curriculum and classroom culture to reflect an environment which allows our students to create, collaborate, communicate and critically think.