Elementary School

Virtual Academy

In effort to provide a quality educational option for those families that do not feel returning to the school physically during the COVID-19 pandemic is the best choice for their students, we have prepared an online option. Our plan strongly relies on our in-class teachers, and our grade level cohorts in order to encourage social stimulation to virtual students, and to strengthen relationships with the expectation that students will re-enter in person when the COVID-19 threat diminishes in the future. This plan will change and evolve over time in order to allow us to best meet students’ needs.

  • The commitment to attending virtually will be made a semester at a time
  • Virtual students must log into morning meeting by 8:00 each school day either via video conference if internet accessibility allows, the Google Meet chat function if internet is too weak for video, and by phone if the internet isn’t behaving properly. This is the most important social piece for our virtual students.
  • 100% of assignments students in class will have will be expected from virtual attendees. Assignments will be distributed through Google Classroom. Assignments will only need to be printed when there is not an alternative that doesn’t involve printing at home. Some assignments will be done on blank or lined paper, so students should have these and sharpened pencils with them during at home learning as well as a device. Failure to have these types of supplies will not be an excuse to not complete work. Work done with paper and pencil will need to be photographed or scanned and emailed to the teacher. The amount of work assigned through the 2020 virtual option will likely be 2.5x as much as students had during the Spring due to different expectations of instructional days per week.
  • There may be some opportunities for virtual students to pair up to do group work, but when that cannot be done, virtual students may be assigned to read out loud to someone at home, share ideas and answers aloud, etc.
  • Virtual option students’ work is due on the same timeframe as in person students. The 5 day grace period offered for E-Learning does not apply to virtual option students.
  • Teachers have the option to cast video and/or audio recordings live or recorded. When teachers communicate live instruction will take place between 8:00 and 3:00, virtual option students are required to attend and participate. Teachers will endeavor to share as much direct instruction through video as possible, and it is up to the teachers when that is recorded or broadcast live.
  • Teachers will have some live time dedicated to online option students to answer questions, give feedback, guidance, encouragement, or relationship-building. Students are required to be available to teachers during that teacher’s assigned time, and according to the format the teacher chooses – Google Meet video, phone, collaborative document, etc.
  • Tests given via the computer to virtual option students must be done according to the teachers’ instructions with no more help or looking up answers than the teacher directs in his or her instructions. Googling answers or parents giving help during a test is theft of the students’ opportunities to show what they really know.