Daily Announcements

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As I step into the role of acting principal for the remainder of the year, I have asked Mrs. Wilcoxen, our Health and Physical Education teacher, to take on the role of Dean of Students. She has graciously agreed to help out in this way. This change will be effective immediately.

Mrs. Wilcoxen will be available to assist students, parents, and guardians with any issues or concerns that may arise. Her main roles will include ensuring school safety, addressing student and parent concerns, and improving student learning. Mrs. Wilcoxen’s professionalism, passion, and dedication to fostering a positive learning environment make me confident that this will be a smooth transition for both the students and staff at Eminence.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email Mrs. Wilcoxen at awilcoxen@eminence.k12.in.us. She is here to help in any way that she can.


Dustin Adams

Acting Principal


A Message From the Principal…

Thank you for checking out our new website.  I am so excited to have this new interactive piece to help send out all announcements, important dates, activity pictures, etc.  Also, please do not forget to go to EventLink.com to set up an account in order to view our interactive calendar and handbook.

We are enjoying another successful year and continue to focus on making our school the “pride” of the Eminence community.  I continue to value, respect, and honor all students for their hard word and effort. While I-STEP is huge focus for us, I feel it is important to model good study and work habits.  We will continue to follow the tiered discipline model, and as we have done each year, we are working at fine-tuning our school-wide initiatives.

The staff at Eminence is ready and willing to assist you whenever possible.  We hope your educational experience will continue to be enriching, rewarding and enjoyable.