Social Emotional Learning

What is Social Emotional Learning

Eminence Elementary counseling program consists of individual counseling sessions, classroom visits, and consultation. Individual counseling sessions are done on referral by parents, teachers, administrators, or the student.  A session consists mainly of presentation of strategies for academic and social success.  Goal-setting and decision-making are central to this program.  Sometimes family discussion meetings are held.

Consultation on childhood problems and strategies is available to parents and teachers by request. Parents, teachers, and those associated with our children are vital links in this program and are encouraged to participate in the progress of the child.

How it Works

In order for students to master their emotions and their learning, we need to teach them those skills and also the science around brains. 

Students cannot learn unless they feel safe. Many students, especially those that have faced trauma, do not feel safe by default and may be triggered easily.

Neuroplasticity means we (and students) can rewire our own brains allowing us to become more intelligent and reacting to situations and the world differently.

A growth mindset is when kids learn that putting forth their best effort and using the right strategies can make them more intelligent. This causes them to try harder and achieve more.

We will use the curriculum known as the Mind Up Curriculum. This research-based curriculum features lessons that use the latest information about the brain to dramatically improve behavior and learning for all students.


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