Making Safety a Priority

At Eminence, we take school safety very important and have made drastic improvements to the safety curriculum. Parents are sending their most beloved treasures to the school on a daily basis and are expecting that they return unharmed and unscathed after school. Family is number one and being able to send home teachers and students safely to their families is something that should be considered a high priority. That being considered, special precautions have been added to ensure fiscal responsibility and maintaining proper safety channels for all individuals inside the school.

What is ALICE?

Certain improvements include a re-evaluation of the school safety plan, added new door locking protocol, the creation of a new lockdown system, added contracted security officers into the school setting, increased door/vision plans, and the implementation of ALICE, active shooter training. At Eminence, all staff members and students are trained on how to respond to and what to do in case of an active shooter or threat in the school. The ALICE program is a life skill, and is about EMPOWERING the individual to make the best decision for safety and security at any given moment. An individual may use only 1 part of the program, or may decide to use all 5 parts. It allows different responses for different rooms. It is a completely option based program in which can be used in any environment. It is a much more evolved “enhanced lockdown” and allows a better chance of survival since most shootings are done within 2-3 minutes. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.


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