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Leah Hyatt, Counselor

At Eminence, we do excellence! We think big, dream big, and achieve big things.  The sky’s the limit at Eminence. We are a ‘Yes” school, a big dreaming school, and above all else, we care for our students and for each other. 

Students and staff are pushed hard. Expectations are high and mediocrity and status quo are not accepted. We strive for excellence in all we do. We fail but grow and learn from these trials. We dream big and achieve great things. Our goal intrinsically is to create an environment where our students exceed their own expectations, strive to achieve their personal goals, and be career and college ready. Our goals extrinsically are to be locally, state wide, and nationwide recognized. We have and will continue to receive local awards, compete against larger Morgan County schools, and become a 4 star and A rated Indiana school. 

Innovation and goals help us give our students a competitive edge against larger schools. Our small enrollment provides students with more 1 to 1 assistance, with focuses on STEM, agriculture improvement, athletic improvements, numerous extra-curricular activities, major school safety improvements, and social emotional learning initiatives. 

At Eminence, our major goal is to produce great students who are both college and career ready. We take pride in making great innovative educational ideas to help our students learn more than just listening to lectures from a teacher in a traditional setting. We teach true educational skills that help our students at the next level. We take pride in our ability to teach our students “how to life” and how to take simple ideas and turn them into major realities! Eminence is supported by our great community, whom we love, as they continued to support our school referendum by an overwhelming 80%. 

Our Goals:  

  • We Will think and collaborate 
  • We Will become STEM certified by 2022.  
  • We Will have a 98% graduation rate. 
  • We Will have a 50% AP pass rate. 
  • We Will have 50% of students earning college credit before graduation. 
  • We Will have state assessment data higher than the state average, and have all teachers’ individual growth model data higher than the 50th percentile. 
  • We Will have 50% of the student body involved in extracurricular activities. 
  • We Will be an IDOE “A” rated school. 
  • We Will become a “What If” School. 
  • We Will become a “We Can” School. 
  • We Will be recognized by the Fish Philosophy. 
  • We Will meet the individual needs of each student. 
  • We Will Dream, Desire, and Deliver! 
  • We Will be a Family! 
  • We Will treat each other with kindness. 
  • We Will be a “Yes” School. 
  • We Will integrate the 4 C’s. (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity

Purpose Statement

Encourage – We Encourage our students to achieve their personal best daily!

Excel – We push our students to Excel in their academics, athletics, and extra-curriculars!

Lead – We teach our students to become Leaders in and out of the classroom!

Serve – We help our students Serve our community and the Eminence family!

Our Plan