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Eminence is certified as one of Indiana’s STEM Schools. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We use STEM to help students tackle real-world problems and practice the type of thinking they will need in their futures. Teamwork, collaboration, and communication are emphasized through STEM. Ultimately, STEM implementation has led to a change from teacher-led to student-centered classrooms.  A change in student behavior is evident in the collaborative learning environment. In the beginning stages of STEM, students struggled to work in group settings.   Through the implementation of STEM, students have gained valuable skills for listening, persevering, taking risks, collaborating, and leading others. Students are able to learn more independently of the teacher, instead of seeking their peers to solve problems. Students are taking ownership of their learning through the use of notebooking.

Why is STEM Important?

The STEM MakerSpace has materials organized in a visible manner so that students can easily determine available supplies for a project.  The MakerSpace has large tables for working collaboratively and cooperatively. Another room is equipped with fields for the various robotics teams to set up and practice. 

Some of our students’ accomplishments include organizing 3D printed prizes for the school carnival, making STEM newscasts, serving as STEM ambassadors to visitors, creating a STEM museum, and making Eminence the home of one of the county’s recycling collection sites. STEM implementation is moving our students to be successful on measured outcomes such as standardized testing and active problem solvers in the community and beyond.  They are enhancing their employability skills through a more student-centered learning environment. The school’s growing alliances with community partners are exposing our students’ authentic STEM career experiences.


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