Science Fair Winners 2013 - 2014

Winners each received a medal and a trip to the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago.  

Grace Linville -K, Dustin Peck -K,

Sophia Saucerman-1, Chris Olson -1,

Jaylynn Eisenhour -2, Colton Cromer -2,

Raegan Hadley -3, Grace Kemp -3, Braylon Bollman -3, Evan Keeton -3,

Riley Myers-4, Brenna Willhite -4, Tyler Kemp -4, Kyle Tracy -4,

Sarah Cuttriss -5, Sierra Grider -5, Emily Maze -5, Nolan Ringler -5,

Addey Bales -6, Carlee Bales -6, Hannah Everage -6 & Brian Dent -6.

NOTE: Winner names  are not listed in picture order.

Congratulations to all the WINNERS and enjoy your SPECIAL trip to the MUSEUM in Chicago!



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