The Eminence High School Prom was held at The Palms in Plainfield on

Saturday, May 3, 2014 with a theme of  “A Night to Sparkle”.

Prom Court 05.03.14

Prom Court right to left and front row to back row

Mason Smith, Jeremy Lester, Kyle Wilson, Jake Glidden, Chris Bredlow & Casey Brock

Harly Rogers, Sarah Barnett, Charly Boller, Joanna Saucerman, & Makenzie Hadley


2014 Prom King Mason Smith  and Queen Joanna Saucerman.

Prom King-Quenn 05.03.14

2014 Prom Prince Jeremy Lester  and Princess Charly Boller

Prom Prince - Princess 05.03.14


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