For Immediate Release:

Contact Person:  Patrick Cronin

Music Director, Eminence Community Schools



Eminence Jr.-Sr. High School Presents:

A production of, “Oh Horrors! It’s Murder!”.

Performances will be held October 31st & November 1st   at 7:00 PM in the main gym.  Tickets are available at the door, $5.00 for students, $7.00 for adults, and a family rate of $15 for three with $1 for each additional child.


Brace yourself for an audience interactive Murder Mystery/Comedy in which Professor Dirk Carlton, a renowned Egyptologist is delivering an archaeology lecture and exhibit.  As you listen attentively to him tell of his discovery of the Pharaoh Menkaura’s tomb, the slide presentation suddenly goes off, plunging the auditorium into total darkness.  A moment later the lights come back on, but the professor is dead and the priceless jewel he was holding has vanished!  Lt.  Dan Morrow arrives to solve the ghastly crime.  Could it be that the tomb is cursed, as Isis had suggested, or was the murder committed by someone in the room?  Perhaps it was his wife, jealous of the time the professor dedicated to his work?

Drama directed by Mr. A.J. Kenzor in his second year as head of the Eminence Drama Department, and music directed by Patrick Cronin.  The cast has been working since August on this production, which will uphold the strong tradition of musical theatre at Eminence.


Play by Billy St. John and Music by Bill Francoeur.  Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services, Inc.  Engelwood, Colorado.


The Cast of Characters:

Dr. Johann Vanderveer-Jake Glidden;  Elena Newman-Caitlin Wigginton;  Lurenda Westbrook-Cheyenne Belcher;  Elvira Grey-Gabby Beach;  Jane Trice-Chloe Merideth ;  Russ Palmer-Steven Lester;  Betty Lange-Ivy Smith;  Dirk/Kirk Carlton-Jeremy Lester;  Frances Carlton-Naysa Trackwell;  Gahigi Amun-Aaron Bunch;  Isis Amun-Ashlei Dante;  Tony-Dylan Lester;  Lt. Dan Morrow-Luke Jobes;  Officer Val Holloway-Koda Finch;   Guard-Amelia Adams


The Crew  include:

Stage Manager – Caitlyn Ramey;  Sound – Joseph Hawkins; Lights – Brice Kemp & Samantha Druyor;Spotlight – Sadie Flint;  Accompanist- Kayla Singer;  Sets/Props – Johnny Kochoweic


For More information, contact:  Patrick Cronin  at 765-528-2221                 

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