CIEE is seeking loving host families for a few Chinese exchange students who will arrive in different areas in Indiana in August. Be a part of this unique educational adventure! Open your heart and your home … share your community and country! You do not have to have a teenager to be able to host. For information, contact Edwina MacDonald at (317) 570-9661 or email CIEE is non-profit. Stay where you are, do what you can, share what you have!

Check out some of the students who need host families.

EST15007 – Girl. Maria del Carmen is a 16 year old girl from SPAIN. I can´t wait to go to the US! Not only do I hope to learn and improve my English, but I also want to know the life of an American family. Living with them and being one more in the family will be such a great experience. I also hope to make good friends in my family and in school and I hope we can maintain the relationship in the future when I come back to Spain. I am flexible to join and participate in the activities of the family (travelling, hiking, doing any sports, enjoying family reunions, etc.) I like in particular dancing and swimming but I am open to all kind of activities that the family normally does. I am planning to study math and become High School Math Teacher. I am not timid and will try my best to adapt to other people and of course to my new American family. DPOK, GCOK.
GPA: 3.90 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 233 Program Length: 10 months Allergies: None

OEG15087 – Girl. Onkanya is a 16 year old girl from THAILAND. I’m a person that could smile easily because I think it comforts people who talk to me.  I really enjoy listening to music, different songs give different feelings and meaning. I choose to listen to songs where the lyrics match my mood.  Apparently when I listen to a song, I sing it too. I love singing very much. I never stayed with host family before so, this is my very first time. See you soon my future host family! Enjoys badminton and loves all animals except reptiles. Has one older sister. DPOK SPOK GCOK GPA: 3.70 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 213 Program Length: 10 months Allergies: None

YOU1515113 –Boy. Claudio is a 16 years old boy from Italy. I’ve started considering the idea of studying abroad about 3 years ago, when one of my friend left for one year. That day I decided that this was something I would love to do in the future, so that’s why I am here and I’m very excited about writing this letter. I feel like I have to leave, I’ve always dreamt about the US and I’m attracted by this culture. I want to discover new places, new realities and most of all I want to meet other people. I consider myself as a mature person, also because my friends tell me this, I’m very responsible and self-confident, but most of all I’m ambitious, because I want to make my life great so I have big plans and I hope for me that everything will realize. L like to run, play tennis, read, and eat.  DPOk. SPOk. GPA: 3.10 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 238 Program Length: 5 months
Allergies: None

CES15015 – Boy. Chi is a 16 year old boy from CHINA. I am a tall and slim boy who is nice and happy. I love playing basketball and I play as a member of school basketball team. I like music. I could play guitar and erhu which is a kind of a Chinese traditional instrument. I have traveled to a lot of places before. I was excited to know other countries’ culture and custom. I would like to introduce Chinese festivals, music, Chinese Zodiac, origami, paper-cut, and calligraphy to my new friends in America. DPOK. GPA: 3.50 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 215 Program Length: 10 months Allergies: None

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