How to Dispose of Unwanted Medications

Why Should I Take the Time to Do This?

Properly disposing of unwanted medications may be inconvenient, but there are some very important reasons to do this in a safe and responsible manner.

It’s your environment – Please don’t flush!

Some drugs that are flushed down the toilet cannot be removed by the sewage treatment plant or septic processes.  These substances are released into waterways which can lead to contamination of surface and groundwater.  Septic tank systems may release the pharmaceuticals into the soul, from which they may reach the groundwater.

Abuse is widespread!

Abuse of prescription drugs, particularly painkillers, has increased among young people due to the ease of obtaining drugs.  Sixty percent of the people who abuse painkillers indicated that they received the drugs from friends or relatives.

You can make a difference!

Children, pets or scavenging animals could find the medication and swallow it.  Drugs could be scavenged and illegally sold.  Take action to minimize the threat of poisoning or drug abuse.  


Drop off unwanted or expired medicine for safe disposal to the follow medication drop boxes:

Martinsville Police Department

(Located in the Martinsville City Hall Building)

59 South Jefferson Street

Martinsville, IN 46151

(765) 342-2861


Mooresville Police Department

104 West Main Street

Mooresville, IN 46158

(317) 831-3434


For additional information please contact Kristi Dunigan with the Morgan County Drug Task Force,

(765) 346-8867 .

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