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On February 5th, grades K-8 participated in the annual science fair.  Once again, our students conducted great research and put together outstanding projects.  We are extremely proud of all participants.  In addition, we would also like to recognize students who earned 1st place, 2nd place or Honorable Mention.  GREAT job staff and students!



1st  – Gaige Mills

2nd – Hunter Harris

Hon – Wyatt Hill

1st Grade:

1st place – Luke Finney

2nd – Holly Brown

Hon – Alexa Beach

2nd Grade:

1st Place – Grace Linville

2nd – Dustin Peck

Hon – Haleigh Henderson

3rd Grade

1st place – Dariann Harris

2nd – Bradlee Smock

Hon – Sophia Saucerman

4th Grade:

1st place – Harleigh Peck

2nd – Colton Cromer

Hon – Elly Holland

5th Grade Harvey:

1st place – Kristen Rumbaugh

2nd – Kayla Musgrave

Hon – Laney Hightower

5th Grade Saucerman:

1st Place – Grace Kemp

2nd – Joel Mobley

Hon – Evan Keeton

6th Grade Koosman

1st place – Isaac Bitzer

2nd – Brenna Willhite

Hon – Kyle Tracy

6th Grade Anderson:

1st place – Jordan Hunnicut

2nd – Tyler Kemp

Hon – Reno Taylor

7th Grade Stevens/Bixler’s 1st period class:

1st place – Chiarra Legato

2nd – Nicholas Wagner

Hon – Jade Tackett

7th Grade  Stevens/Anderson’s 1st period class:

1st place – Dawson Kinnard

2nd – Nolan Ringler

Hon – Emily Maze

8th Grade:

1st – Cheyenne Keeney

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