Good Afternoon,

I am excited to announce that we have been awarded the $75,000 Digital Learning Grant from the Indiana Department of Education. We will use it to support our innovative learning plan, which includes providing all students (grades 6-12) use of a personal laptop for school. Additionally, we will be taking steps to provide robotics and coding experiences to students at all grade levels. We should all be proud as this is a highly competitive grant.

Specifically, IDOE said, “Your district presented a proposal that evidences strong leadership, a focused vision for digital learning, a sound plan for implementation, and the support, resources, and capacity to make it happen. As a Digital Learning Grant awardee, your district will provide a model for others around the state in regard to digital age teaching and learning.”

This is just one of many exciting changes coming to Eminence Community Schools as we continue to be “A Great Place to Learn!”


Jeff Gibboney

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