Article by Dawson Kinnard and Matthew Moxley

Colton Cromer was interviewed about his adventures in the Eminence and Regional Spelling Bee in Bloomington. When Colton won the Eminence Spelling Bee, he said he was “ecstatic!” Colton was asked what his winning word was, he said, “thicket, it was really easy.” He said, “I really didn’t even study.” Unfortunately, at the Regional Spelling Bee in Bloomington, Colton was given the word “algorithm” and lost, he spelled it “like it sounded,” he said. Although he wasn’t downhearted, he said “Out of 28 kids, I came in 7th.” He seemed excited because his competitors were, in his words, “really smart.” Eminence Community School Corporation is very proud of Colton’s outstanding achievements.

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