Eminence Community Schools identify and support students that perform or have the potential to perform at an outstanding level in comparison to students of the same age, experience, or environment. This looks different in different grade levels, but it may include grouping, differentiation, acceleration, and culminates in dual credit classes in high school. Our identification process includes multifaceted assessments to identify high ability students in language arts, mathematics, and general intelligence.

Appeals Process
If parent/guardian(s) dispute the appropriateness of placement or program decision, they have a right to appeal the decision. Parent/guardian(s) may complete an appeals form. Proper steps must be followed.
The steps include:

1. An initial parent meeting with the local selection committee and HA Coordinator
2. Parent meeting with school district committee that would include HA coordinator, principal, and /or superintendent, and
3. Presentation to the board

We recognize high ability student may have different social-emotional and college and career guidance needs from other students, and we endeavor to support those. Additionally, we recognize the potential that students qualifying for EL, special education, free and reduced lunch, or other categories can also be high ability, but that these groups are underrepresented. We endeavor to operate our high ability program in an equitable way that recognizes giftedness exists throughout all student categories.

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